Thursday, April 28, 2011

WOW! Thank You!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the generous and thoughtful people that have kicked in donations!  We are over $1,000 and climbing.  Huge thanks to:  Lindabear, Mike B., Max, Laura H., Sander N., Kami S., Mark V., Maureen W. (GrandMo), Leigh G., and Mo C.!  You guys rock!  

Fundraiser ThermometerI


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off to a Solid Start!

Huge thank you's to Klinger, Gina and Michael, Wendy, David M., Mark L., Nikki B., Amy J. Charles, Kira (and Boots!), and to my Uncle Jeff!  We're off to a solid start raising over $500 in the first couple of days.

Let's keep it rollin'!!!!